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Alain Couder 
Oil and Acrylic Paintings

My work expresses the reality of the world and what I would like to see happen for all of us to enjoy our future. I love the beauty of nature, the beauty of the human figure, and the beauty of human designs. I aspire for it to age slowly and beautifully. I aspire for all to be protected and respected. I aspire for all of it to last. 

Each scene has a sense of history beyond the raw landscape. It has some trace of human degradation. These scenes came from my observation during my travels. Light is very important in the atmosphere of paintings.. Sunshine or thunderstorms can transform a place. A pile of concrete blocks can be striking with the proper light. The recollection of the mood I was inn when I took the reference photo is critical.

I like to paint sizable canvases, up to 36x48 inches. I can start with big brush strokes. My process includes three steps. Step one is a rough griisaille in acrylic where I study the composition and the values. Step two, I research the colors still in acrylic keeping my paint rather thin. I will tweak some colors to get a better harmony if needed. Step three, I switch to oil which gives me more texture and ability to blend on the canvas. Although I do some studies and sketches on location, all my paintings are created in my studio from reference photos with some artistic license.

In the end, I enjoy painting and conveying my view of the world to others.

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