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Art in the Tahoe Garden

Summer Fundraiser

Enjoy a festive, artful day in the unmatched beauty of two North Tahoe lakeside gardens. Find something special from our 30 participating local artists and check out the raffle prizes. 


Free Admission


 Saturday, July 27 from 9 am - 4 pm




Each artist is donating a piece of their artwork for a raffle. Your chance to win!

Learn more about our Exhibit

Gregory Home

6550 N Lake Blvd

Tahoe Vista 96148

Jenny Home

5360 N Lake Blvd

Carnelian Bay 96140


Participating Artists

Hannah Avalos

Copy of Avalos Art #3.jpg

Bonnie Dyer

Dyer - image2.jpeg

Marianne Hunter

image coming soon.png

Rebecca Maidman

Maidman - 20230916_Rivka_Designs-211-2_e

Nanette Oleson

Oleson - StandingOvation_NOleson small.jpg

Donna Smit

Smit Lady Bug.JPG

Cathy Strand

Strand - Dragonfly.jpg

Katie Packham Weaver

image coming soon.png

Teresa Carter

Carter, white eagles.jpg

Mary Faucher

Faucher - frog.jpg

Cheryl Kempner


Jessica Meisner


Ayesha Roberts

Roberts - image_50376449.JPG

Kristi Smith

Smith - Screenshot_20240425_171717_Etsy Seller.jpg

Pam Sutton


Yasuyo Corbet

Yasuyo 4.jpeg

Christine Gill


Barbara LaValley

image coming soon.png

Suzy Musil

Musil -IMG_7243-b.jpg

Kim Sampo

Sampo _2.jpg

Rachelle Soule

image coming soon.png

Kim VanAntwerp

Van Antwerp -impulse-20x24.jpg

Naomi DeVine

Devore - Screenshot_20240221_044558_Facebook (1).jpg

Megan Gisi

Gisi - image0.jpeg

Cindy Lundquist

Lundquist -IMG_8817.jpg

Louise Noel

Noel - East Shore x.jpg

Daniela Schnebly

Schnebly - image0.jpeg

Connie Starr

Starr - 1.jpeg

Karen Vetter

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