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Bonnie Jamieson

Glass Art's

Glass Art by BJ Designs. I grew up in Sonoma County in the North Bay Area of California.  I moved to Reno 15 years ago.

When my boys were little we would spend hours drawing and coloring together.  I loved their whimsy.  It always made me smile.  My art has carried the whimsical feel from the start. I started as a glass fuser almost 28 years ago.  My love of glass has led me to glass on glass mosaics.

I took my first mosaic 101 class at Copper Cat Studio 6 years ago.  I fell in love with the process immediately.  I started experimenting so that I could incorporate it with my love of glass.  I started joining mosaic groups and was in awe of the incredible art I saw.  It didn’t take long for me to know where my journey was taking me.  Glass on Glass mosaics!!  I was fortunate to meet a glass on glass artist who became a wonderful friend and mentor.

The vibrancy of the colors and textures of the glass still takes my breath away.  It comes to life when I start nipping and cutting.  I love the thrill of seeing each piece come together.  Usually differently from what I see in my head lol.  

The journey of learning and creating continues.

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