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Annie Allen
3D Mandala Art

Ann’s travels to India and Asia introduced her to the beauty and peace of Mandala Art designs.  she began painting Mandala art and found it very relaxing and meditative.

Ann believes It’s all about finding peace in the symmetry of the
design.  The circular design symbolize the idea that life is never ending and everything is connected.  Ann creates Mandala art designs on tiles and Wood as functional Artwork.
Ann grew up in sunny Southern California and as a child her family often camped on the Truckee river, introducing her to the Sierra mountains and the beauty of Lake Tahoe. In Her early twenties she returned to Lake Tahoe working in the gaming industry at Harrahs.
When she left Tahoe her career took her around the world working for Princess cruises. This opened the doors to her art education as she traveled the world experiencing ancient cultures and world antiquities.
After a few years she returned to Southern California working in Marketing and Merchandising.
Her main focus was the production and design of sales catalogs.

Ann always wanted to return to the beautiful Sierra mountains and Lake Tahoe. Her dream came true in 2018 when she and her husband Mark returned to the mountains that she loved. This enabled her to enjoy her passion for art and painting. 

Ann hopes you will enjoy her Mandalas as much as she enjoys painting them.

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