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Julia Tachihara
"My Froggie Beads"
Glass work

I’ve always enjoyed doing all kinds of craftwork from working with wood and needlework to beading and glass. I’ve been hooked on glass since the 1980’s when I took my first stained glass class. Stained glass was the medium where I could translate the pictures I saw in my head to an actual piece of art. Over the years I have progressed from stained glass to mosaics and stepping-stones, to fused glass plates and bowls, and now flameworking is my passion.


I am still amazed at all the things you can do with all types of glass, either hot or cold, and how the colors interact.  I take classes and work with other flameworkers when I can to keep improving my work and learn new techniques. I’m always looking for inspiration or a good challenge. And I enjoy helping others discover the pleasures of working with hot glass. 


Check out my website at for class schedules and upcoming shows.

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