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Laura Holl

Artist Statement: The Sierra Nevada is where I go to find comfort and re-energize my soul.  Through nature-inspired mosaics I express my love of nature’s forms. Colored and mirrored glass with vibrant color, texture, transparency and reflective qualities enable my mosaics to come alive. Sometimes it’s the unique color characteristics of a streaky sheet of glass that inspires my creativity.  My designs vary from floral, landscape to abstract. Organic materials such slate and granite offer a direct connection to the source of my inspirations. Slate, a foliated rock, fractures and becomes mosaic tesserae while granite provides interesting texture and color variation.


Bio: Laura Holl was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2006, after retiring from a career as a lab biologist, Laura discovered the meditative process of creating mosaics and developed a love for its color, texture and reflective light.


Spending half her time in Truckee,  Laura enjoys the company of family and friends discovering new trails, as well as hiking, biking and backpacking old favorite mountain routes, often returning with pockets full of rocks to use in her art.

Laura has exhibited her work at Snapshot Mosaics, Oakland; Stain Glass Garden, Berkeley; Oakland Elizabeth House; Lincoln Center, Oakland, and most recently Riverside Studios, Truckee, CA.

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