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Naomi De Vore
Mixed Media

Originally from Santa Clarita California, Naomi “Di Vine” De Vore is a mixed media artist based out of the Potentialist Workshop in Reno, NV.  For the last 6 years, she has trained as a glass etching apprentice creating masterful custom murals on glass and mirror for residential and commercial projects around Northern Nevada and California. This spring she hosted her solo exhibition “Reflections in the Water” at GLM Theatre which featured 20+ original etched mirrors combining the techniques she acquired in her apprenticeship along with her own elements of bold lines, bright colors, and collage to introduce her own unique style to the trade.

De Vore began drawing and painting at a young age and continues to bring colorful cartoon-like forms to paper and canvas in addition to the classic nature and landscape murals she creates for the public. Throughout her career, she has created and collaborated on a number of indoor and outdoor murals (both painted and glass) and has organized and curated many community art events including a series of interactive and collaborative group shows with the Potentialist Workshop. 

In addition to being a multi-media visual artist, Naomi is a performer. She is a singer/songwriter and often performs at Gambi’s restaurant in Somerset (a restaurant where she co-designed the signs and interior glass and murals) and additionally performs as an actor with Dark Corner Creative.

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