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Cynthia Kremsner
Mixed Media on Wood

As a traditionally published illustrator and author / illustrator, I’ve learned about the collaborative effort the creative process is and ultimately, the reward it brings when a project comes to fruition.

With each evolution of creativity or challenges in life, in order to keep forging forward, we stretch as individuals and artists. With something of this sort, I found myself branching out to something new.


Seeing images in pattern, whether it’s an animal peering out through a toile pattern, faces in clouds, etc., I’ve always wanted to render artwork on wood. There is motion in the shapes and beauty in the grain that tells its own story and deserves to be heard. Playing a duet with the wood, I see it as the story, the lyric, and the application of the artist’s brush and mediums bring the music, not being intrusive, but letting the wood tell its equal part in the final production. “What’s Coming Out of the Woodwork?” has also become a passion as I post the blank pieces of wood to my page, showing the wondrous patterns and letting others decipher what they see as the story and imagery, and posting their point of view. I ultimately, post my finished piece which is often different from what others saw.  There is no right or wrong as we all see through a different lens that focuses on different things with varying perspectives . . . much like life. I would love to conduct a workshop someday, letting people explore their creativity with the wood while embracing its beauty and letting it speak for and through them.

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