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Johnathan Sutter

Johnathan was lucky enough to grow up on the north shore of Lake Tahoe. He bounced around from San Luis Obispo to Seattle for school and work, returning home as often as possible. He and his wife moved back to the lake after their son was born. They can be found out and about cross country skiing, backpacking and paddling on big blue.

  Johnathan started making Tahoe themed gifts for his childhood friends who helped convince him to offer them to a wider audience. Woodworking was a big part of Johnathan’s childhood ‘helping’ as his father built their house. He found how fun fused glass can be at his college’s craft center. His wooden creations are made using a CNC mill, then hand finished. The glass pieces are cast into homemade molds. He looks forward to incorporating more mediums into his designs and expanding his collection of offerings. 

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