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Lisa Jefferson
Photorealistic Paintings

My paintings are inspired by the natural beauty and light that I find around me on hikes, walks, and snowshoe treks in the Lake Tahoe area and northern Nevada. My art background is in Graphic Design but I have painted in watercolor for many years. Recently I have been archivally sealing and varnishing my watercolors on paper bonded to aluminum panels or Aquabord clay panels so they do not have to be framed under glass or plexiglass.


In the last four years I have increasingly been working in acrylics using layering and glazing techniques. Focusing on detail, strong values, and rich colors, I strive for a sense of depth and realism in my paintings. My goal with my paintings is to encourage the viewer to feel as if they are standing in front of the scene, feeling the warm sun, smelling the pines or sagebrush, and hearing the birds and lapping waves.

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