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Mary Faucher
Fabric Arts

Mary is a transplant from New Hampshire where she worked as a college administrator.  After having visited Tahoe for many years (she has 2 sons who live here), she decided to move here in 2019 with her husband, Gary.  She is an avid cross-country skier and hiker. 


Mary has been sewing for 30 years and is mostly self-taught.  She enjoys experimenting and adapting patterns.  The plan that she started out with is rarely the product that she ends up with.  Focusing on a sewing project can be meditative and rewarding at the same time.  This is the inspiration for the name of her business, “At Piece Quilts and Things”.  She loves bright colors, using many different pieces of fabric, upcycling fabric found at thrift shops, and making things that are useful and attractive. 


Mary makes wall hangings, tote bags, throw quilts, wallets, placemats, upcycled sweater mittens, fanny packs and fabric bowls.  She never throws away a scrap- finding uses for the smallest pieces- they can be found in landscapes and fabric bowls for sure.

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