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Megan Smith
Fluid Art

“Water is the ultimate escape from the gravity of life” - Megan Smith

All the stages of my life are connected to the body of water I was boating and swimming in. As a child the desert waters of the Colorado River and Lake Mohave, AZ. College days the Pacific Ocean, the coast of South Orange County, and Malibu, CA. Early adulthood, Lake Washington, while living in a suburb of Seattle, WA. The last 20+ years of my life being on Lake Tahoe, one of the most wondrous bodies of water in the world. I am grateful that the randomness of life had me end up on Lake Tahoe.

I have always painted but when I started fluid art, my love of the fluidity of being on the water was married to creating original artworks. I love creating custom-blended jewel-tone iridescent colors, then pouring and manipulating them on the wood. I enjoy the surprise of how each piece takes on its own flow, a life of its own, and how it can never be created the same again. Every piece is an original. For me, fluid art is much like life on canvas, a mix of chemistry, color, a blend of experiences, ever-changing until the final resin is torched on top and brings it all together. 

Just like the sun changes the colors of Lake Tahoe, the custom paints that I mix experience the same benefit from light. The brighter the light, the more they come alive! The glass-like resin enhances the light, the light dances through the iridescent paints and shows itself differently at each angle the piece is viewed from. Some are smooth, a calm day on the water, some are more turbulent with a lot of action. Just like Lake Tahoe, ever-changing jewel tones invite you to relax and enjoy the view. 

I hope my art provides an escape into a piece of fluidity that removes some of the gravity of life.

Escape into fluidity, dive in!

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