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Summit Side


Summit Side Photo and Video Arts

Sky and Leah collaborated to form Summit Side Photo & Video in 2010 and were married in 2015. They are driven by a passion to capture the awe-inspiring beauty of their surroundings. The two have grown into a fun photography team with a relaxed approach, specializing in fine art, portrait and sports photography.  Their love for photography and nature is evident in their work, which they have been showing at art fairs throughout Northern California for over ten years, creating a close fan base in the Bay Area, Lake Tahoe and Northern Nevada.


In 2019, Sky and Leah opened Lake Tahoe Photo Gallery in Kings Beach, CA. The gallery is a collection of beautiful works of art, dazzling colors and gorgeous displays. Right on the beach in one the world’s most beautiful destinations, it is truly worth visiting!


Born and raised in Mendocino County (CA) and now residing in Truckee California, Sky developed a love for photography while shooting action sports movies for his original company Summit Side Productions. Now he spends his time behind the lens, chasing dynamic light, searching for unique compositions and the perfect photo that completes a home.


Leah Emerson has been captivated by photography for most of her life. Growing up in Northern California, living in sunny Santa Barbara, and finally making her home in the Sierras, she has been inspired to capture beautiful moments in the world around her. Her images show her passion for the outdoors and love of nature. 


In addition to fine art photography, Sky and Leah are skilled at creating wonderful images for families, businesses and commercial clients. Their mission is to build long term relationships with clients and community, while creating impressive and unique images that can be treasured for years to come. For more info on hiring Sky and Leah, please visit: 

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