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Toni Rockwell

Glass Art

When Toni spent time backpacking in the Lake Tahoe area in 1975, she  knew she was home. Since then, she has lived happily and peacefully in Tahoe City teaching school, marrying, raising two boys and learning about this area’s plants, trees and wildlife. She loves her local community and spent 20 plus years as a Tahoe Nordic Search and Rescue member. She is thrilled to be part of North Tahoe Arts and the local art community! 


Glass has always attracted Toni. Three years before retiring from a 38  year teaching career, she spotted a fused glass necklace on a friend’s  neck. She was so enthralled with it that her friend offered to teach her fused glass pendant making. After that brief glimpse into fusing, she was  hooked. When Toni retired from teaching, she launched herself into a new career as a glass artist. She took classes, learned on-line and from other glass artists and experimented in her home studio.  

This journey into fused glass art became a joyous means of  communication for her. The vivid colors and textures of glass are the words with which she expresses her love for the beautiful Tahoe environment where she feels so fortunate to live. The subjects of her work are usually Lake Tahoe and its surrounding wild flowers, trees, and  majestic granite mountains, but Toni loves to express her emotions  through abstract works as well.  

Toni’s artistic future goals include learning more glass fusing techniques, teaching glass fusing classes and creating more fused glass art. She will  continue to support local art and artists and hopes to inspire others to  become artists.

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