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Trina Craig
Oil Painting

Trina was born and raised on the western slopes of the California northern Sierra Nevadas. She picked up her first paint brush when she was 2 years old and was captivated by the feel of paint under her brush. She knew then that she wanted to become an artist. For Trina, painting is not just about feeling but also knowledge. She paints with the spirit of learning and growing. In 2021 she relocated back to the Sierras to Reno, Nevada, from the Pacific Northwest. Exploring and hiking the western landscape has always been at the core of who she is and she paints not only to express herself, but to share her love for the great outdoors. 


Trina paints daily, either in studio and en plein air. She finds the steps that lead to landscape paintings are just as fascinating as the paintings themselves. She enjoys the heartfelt fun of creating and feeling uncomfortable as she pushes through problem solving to arrive at her finished pieces.

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