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Vera Ballman
Illustrations/ Mixed Media Paintings

Born in Paris, France, Vera spent her first ten years exploring and absorbing the rich
artistic influences that were seemingly everywhere in Paris. While attending French
schools, she was taught to write at first using watercolors and a paintbrush and later by
the use of ink and dip pens. Precision and neatness was emphasized. Art was a
valued subject of the curriculum. Artistic concepts were discussed and reinforced by
weekly lessons and occasional trips to museums. Vera was strongly influenced by the
Renaissance art that predominated. This engendered a true passion in art that has
continued to this day.

Moving to the United States brought numerous opportunities to explore life on so
many levels. Vera was encouraged to continue to develop her artistic skills while
learning the language and assimilating into a new culture. Embracing the newness,
challenges, and possibilities became a foundation for Vera. This approach to life found
its way into her artistic exploration through creatively incorporating art into busy periods
of life. A registered nurse by profession, Vera nevertheless was involved in providing
medical illustrations for her biology professor. Later, she helped create and develop a
coloring book for elementary school children that dealt with disability awareness and
head injury prevention as part of the hospital’s community outreach educational

For Vera, art is an all encompassing endeavor that looks to embrace different media,
subject matters, and styles. Her art in pastel, watercolor, and acrylic has been
displayed in the 2005 San Diego Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Exhibit, the San
Diego Watercolor Society, and private collections. After many years of visiting the
North Lake Tahoe area, Vera made it her permanent home in 2017. Drawn to the
abundant beauty and inspirational opportunities that Lake Tahoe provides, her artistic
exploration continues.

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